Taylor Swift is reminding studio executives of the proper way to release movies.

Studio executives were rather irate when Taylor Swift revealed that she would be releasing a recording of her insanely successful Eras tour in cinemas all over the world. In order to negotiate the release of her tour

 the singer-songwriter negotiated directly with AMC and Cinemark cinemas, eliminating the need for traditional distributors and upsetting the already established Hollywood release schedule.Of course, 

 I would also be furious if someone suddenly appeared and made it quite evident that my pandemic-reactionary releasing approach was a grave error that was ruining the theatrical model and harming my bottom line. 

Even more so, if that same individual turned up months later to declare that the movie would be released on Video on Demand (VOD) and that traditional streamers would not be receiving any of the action (yet). which Taylor Swift accomplished this week.

The problem is that, despite her obvious talent as a musician and her extensive business sense, 

 Taylor Swift isn't really trying anything novel or distinctive with this. She is merely utilizing the pre-pandemic distribution technique to release Eras. You know, the one who used to bring in money for others?

I'm not here to engross you in theatrical jargon. Rather, we will discuss a basic reality: moviegoing isn't happening as frequently as it once did. A number of minor reasons play a part in this, 

ranging from the fact that two movie tickets in a big market cost approximately fifty dollars in the middle of an incredible economic downturn to the fact that some people are still uncomfortable in crowded areas due to ongoing COVID fears.

However, the primary cause of the box office downturn is that viewers have grown accustomed to movies being accessible on streaming services nearly instantaneously following their theatrical release. 

Never expect Outlander Season 8 in 2024.