Taylor Sheridan Does Whatever He Wants: “I Will Tell My Stories My Way”

The most successful hitmaker in Hollywood and the recipient of THR's TV Producer of the Year award breaks his silence about the conclusion of "Yellowstone,"

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 his struggles with studio suits, and how he became a formidable mega-rancher right out of his own show: 

 "There is no compromising.""They're afraid," remarks Taylor Sheridan, grinning, as he leaves the group of publicists gathered inside his home and steps onto his porch.

 "They're afraid of my possible remarks."for a valid purpose. The showrunner of Yellowstone, who in just a few short years went from being an unknown actor to Hollywood's most prolific writer,

 isn't renowned for holding back and has recently found himself at the center of a wave of dramatic headlines. Kevin Costner, 

 the star of his flagship show, is leaving the network due to unidentified press finger-pointing. 

 On two of his other films, the Sylvester Stallone drama Tulsa King and the impending spy thriller Special Ops: Lioness,

where Sheridan took creative control, there have been showrunner shake-ups. A recent investigation on the creator stated he leverages his production budgets as a way to line his own pockets

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