Spider-Man: No Way Home ending explained: answering your biggest question

The conclusion of Spider-Man: No Way Home felt like a final, complete wrap on Spidey's first phase in the MCU,

 even as it also gave the wallcrawler a new beginning. The No Fun Stuff re-release features a new post-credits scene that plays off the film's

unexpected ending, but otherwise leaves the movie's last act exactly as it was.Let's get into it: Doctor Strange's mishandled spell has sent some of Spider-Man's

most annoying adversaries to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then, well, let's avoid discussing it for now. 

There is a lot to take in, but in the guide below to the Spider-Man: No Way Home conclusion

 we've broken down all the major turns, twists, and cameos. Naturally, we will be dealing with

We're delving deeply into the most pressing queries you have, clearing up any confusion regarding the fundamental plot aspects and then delving into specifics regarding those unexpected cameos. Once more, spoilers ahead! 

Peter Parker struggles with his newfound prominence after his identity is made public. The youthful, 

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