Sam Heughan shares a "obsessed" artist and an unvisited bucket list item.

Sam Heughan is renowned for being an enthusiastic traveler who enjoys experiencing various cultures. 

The Men in Kilts TV series, which he co-starred in with friend Graham McTavish, and books on his adventures in Scotland and New Zealand have also been published by the Outlander star.  

However, there is one location on the planet that he has yet to visit and is eager to do so. The 43-year-old Heughan has stated that seeing Mount Everest, the highest peak on Earth, is his goal.

Everest, at more than 29,000 feet in altitude, has long captivated travelers. Heughan, who was born in Dumfries and Galloway, is no exception. That, along with two other extremes at either end of the world, 

was his bucket list goal, he revealed on the Silence of Set podcast. Heughan declared: "Simply put, seeing [Everest] has always been on my bucket list." You never know. I was associated to a movie that never occurred. 

"And I was working on a possible docu show, but I would just love to see the Himalayas, I'd love to see Everest." "I'd love to go to either of the Arctic and Antarctic; they're both kind of fascinating," he continued.  

I would also really like to spend more time in South America." Heughan also conveyed his great respect for Scottish painter James Morrison. Morrison, a painter who belonged to the Glasgow Group and passed away in 2020, was well-known for his watercolors. 

Heughan continued, saying, "I really own a few paintings by a Scottish painter named James Morrison. I'm kind of enamored with him because he painted a lot in Scotland and also up in the Arctic, namely the Arctic Circle."  

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