Rockstar Games sues Remedy for logo change

Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, known for Grand Theft Auto, is known for being legally aggressive. 

– Remedy Entertainment, creator of Alan Wake and Max Payne, is facing a lawsuit from Take-Two over its new logo.

– The dispute centres around both logos featuring the letter R, with Take-Two claiming potential confusion and harm to Rockstar Games' image.

– The lawsuit appears ironic considering the close working relationship between Rockstar and Remedy, including collaboration on Max Payne 3.

– Despite their history, Take-Two's litigious approach seems to overlook the collaboration and joint projects between the two companies.

The legal action raises eyebrows, especially considering ongoing collaboration, such as the joint effort to remake the first two Max Payne games. 

– Take-Two's protective stance extends to unusual territories, including a claim that the public might be confused by logos starting with the same letter.

The lawsuit adds an awkward layer to the professional dynamics between Take-Two, Rockstar Games, and Remedy Entertainment. 

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