Ridley Scott Criticizes Joker's Violence But Celebrates Joaquin Phoenix's Performance

Joaquin Phoenix, who plays the main antagonist in Ridley Scott's upcoming movie Gladiator, one of the director's greatest hits, has already won his respect

Though he does not share the same enthusiasm for the movie itself, the director did enjoy the actor's performance in Joker.

Phoenix had been in Hollywood for a while, but there's no denying that this part in Gladiator represented a before and after for the Academy Award winner,

 especially because Phoenix was cast as the cunning and ambitious Commodus.

This also occurred when he played the most well-known villain in Batman history, which is actually the reason he was cast in Napoleon and the role that won him the Oscar.

During an interview with Deadline, Scott gave his honest assessment of Todd Phillips' picture while praising Phoenix's performance in Joker.

Soon, Phoenix will reprise his role as Gotham City's Clown Prince of Crime in Joker: Folie à Deux, a musical that will feature Harley Quinn, another well-known figure in the Batman canon.

 It's Lady Gaga's chance to portray the villain in a plot that introduces her complex and destructive relationship with The Joker, following Margot Robbie's shocking portrayal of the role.

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