Recent sources indicate GTA 6 preorders will commence on December 12.

GTA 6 trailer announcement: Rockstar Games is set to release the first trailer for GTA 6 in early December, possibly during The Game Awards on December 7. 

– Speculation on release date: Fans are eager to know if the actual release date for GTA 6 will be revealed during the trailer debut.

– Argos pre ordering information: A screenshot circulated on Twitter, suggesting that UK retailer Argos would allow pre orders for GTA 6 starting December 12, 2023, as per information from distributors.

– Pre Order confirmation: Rockstar Universe attempted to verify the information with Argos customer service but received a response indicating that preorders would open once the game was officially announced.

– Preorder timing ambiguity: While the rumoured preorder date could be accurate, it may not necessarily indicate an imminent release date announcement by Rockstar, as some games allow pre orders immediately upon announcement.

– Development progress: In February 2022, Rockstar confirmed active development of GTA 6, leaving fans to speculate on the game's progress and potential release date.

– Gold status possibility: With active development underway, there's speculation on whether GTA 6 could be nearing completion and heading towards gold status in the coming months.

– Release timeline uncertainty: Despite the anticipation, the exact release date for GTA 6 remains uncertain, leaving fans to wonder if the game will be available in 2024 or if they will have to wait longer.

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