Rebuttal to "Distraction" Claims Leveled Against Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift by Patrick Mahomes.

The assertions that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been a distraction throughout the NFL season are not something Patrick Mahomes agrees with. 

"People see the whole Taylor Swift and Travis, and they make it a huge deal because it is a huge deal," Patrick stated in an interview with ESPN over the weekend. 

I believe that the fan bases take it more seriously than the individuals that are physically present in the building." 

"I was fortunate enough to meet Taylor and witness firsthand her excellent character," he continued.  

You can probably see why it hasn't turned into a distraction or something similar, since everyone wants to live their lives to the fullest every single day.  

It's clear that Patrick and Travis are quite close, and during the past few months, Taylor has also seen a lot of time spent with Patrick's wife, Brittany Mahomes. 

"Taylor is loving her newfound friendships with the other wives and girlfriends of Travis' teammates," a source recently told Us Weekly.  

She enjoys supporting Travis and the Chiefs with them since she knows they know how to have fun just as much as she does." 

Never expect Outlander Season 8 in 2024.