Randy Travis' Wife Details His Childlessness

Randy Travis does not have any children of his own, and according to his wife, Mary, this is not due to a lack of desire on his part. Mary told Taste of Country that Travis' age difference

with his ex-wife, Lib Hatcher, was the main reason he didn't have children. Travis and Hatcher met while Travis was a teenager and Hatcher was the manager of a country club in North Carolina.

The couple, who were 16 years apart in age, married in 1991 and were married for 19 years before separating in 2010. "He wanted to have children," Mary explained.

I believe he explained to me his connection with Lib, who was much older than him and they were unable to... "I believe it was more the dynamics of his relationship during those child-bearing years." 

Mary also discussed her husband's childhood and his parents' varied personalities, which influenced Travis in many ways throughout his life. "His daddy was pretty tough," 

she claimed. "A carousing sort of a guy, drank a lot, had a temper that couldn't be tempered ... was not real kind on a bad day, Randy said, 

but then there were these other days that were pure magic around the house and Daddy was the kindest, gentlest, 

sweetest man in the world." Mary also mentioned her husband's mother having a "soft heart," which Travis possesses.

"Children are very special to Randy and he's always had a very — you know, some people are magnetic toward children and animals, and Randy was always that charismatic

she said. "If a fan had a crying baby, he would take that crying baby and put it on his lap, and maybe it was just that honey voice of his, 

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