Randy Travis grieves lighting technician shot by wife amid adultery charges.

– Tragic Shooting Incident: Nashville woman, Christine Roberts, allegedly shot and killed her husband, lighting technician Thomas Roberts, claiming infidelity. 

– Crime Scene Details: Thomas Roberts, 68, suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the chest at their East Nashville home. Police found Christine Roberts on the porch with a handgun. 

– Witness Account: A neighbor described hearing a gunshot, initially mistaking it for a firework. The police arrived, revealing the shocking incident. 

– Community Mourning: A memorial, including a photo and candle, appeared outside the couple's home. Neighbors remembered Thomas as a kind and welcoming individual. 

– Professional Background: Thomas Roberts was a respected lighting professional, having worked with major musical acts. He recently retired and had plans for a trip to Italy with his grandson. 

– Professional Tributes: Colleagues, like Michael Golden from Bandit Lites, Inc., praised Roberts' talent and professionalism, noting his contribution to transforming the touring industry. 

– Randy Travis Statement: Country artist Randy Travis mourned Roberts' death, describing him as a friend and expressing the impact on their musical journey. 

– Legacy and Remembrance: Despite the tragedy, friends and colleagues fondly remember Thomas Roberts, highlighting his gentle nature and the lasting impact of his work in the music community. 

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