Randy Travis' First Album “Storms Of Life” Was #1 On Country Charts In 1986

If your debut album debuts at number one on the country charts, I suppose it's a pretty solid indication that you'll have a successful country music career.

It only goes to show that Randy Travis was meant for greatness from the start, and he certainly introduced himself to the world with Storms of Life, 

which was published in June of 1986 and subsequently peaked at number one on the US Top Country albums 37 years ago today. 

The project was indeed at the top of the year-end country charts at the end of 1987.

If you're a Randy Travis fan, you'll definitely recognize some of the album's tracks. Songs like "On the Other Hand," "Diggin' Up Bones," and "No Place Like Home"

propelled the Storms of Life to the top of the Hot Country Songs charts, and are today regarded as Randy Travis classics.

"On the Other Hand" re-released at number one, as did one of my favorite Randy Travis songs, "Diggin' Up Bones.

The slower, more emotive rhythm of "No Place Like" also connected with country music fans, reaching as high as number two on the charts.

The album also includes the song "There'll Always Be a Honky Tonk Somewhere," which is a fantastic anthem to live by. Instead of asking Siri,

"Where is live country music near me," play this song and drive aimlessly until you see a giant neon sign with an arrow that says "Honky Tonk."

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