Presented by The Times The first interview with Taylor Swift in a long time has five revelations.

One of the most prominent women in the world, Taylor Swift, was just selected as Time's Person of the Year.Swift,     

who typically keeps her personal tales hidden in her songs for her fans to figure out,    

is speaking openly about the difficulties she has had, navigating cancel culture, and taking jabs at Scooter Braun and Kim Kardashian,    

two prominent figures in Hollywood. This is her first interview in a long time.    

Since her connection with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce seems to be enthralling everyone,    

which I thought was metal as hell," she told Time. "As soon as it happened, we got together.    

Swift also talks candidly about their relationship."This all started when Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast,    

We actually got to know each other for a good amount of time when no one else knew, which is something I'm thankful for. "By the time I went to that first game,    

Buccaneers anticipate losing a star player worth $82.5 million to the Bears.