'Outlander' Fans Weep Over Sam Heughan's Season 7

Loved Outlander viewers, rejoice. Sam Heughan took to social media to sing about season 7's situation, leaving fans emotional about the series' future. An Instagram snap by The Spy Who Dumped Me actor revealed a crucial update about the historical drama. Fans noticed him and co-star Caitriona Balfe holding a "That's a wrap!" filming clapboard in a photo.  

Sam had much to say. He revealed that Outlander's eighth and final season will be filmed. "That’s a WRAP!!! 🙌," he wrote on February 24. A year of Outlander, 220 shooting days. We appreciate our hardworking team and our great fans… We eagerly await season 8 of @outlander_starz." Fans went crazy over Sam's announcement, especially because Outlander season 7 will release this summer. Many commented on how much they love the series to celebrate. 

"This photo evokes numerous feelings. Happiness because season 8 is returning this year, sadness that it will be the final, then happiness again because of the prequels. My emotions are a mess! " commented one Instagram user.  

We are excited to see it!  Many thanks to Sam, Caitriona, and everybody involved in bringing this narrative to screen  "Another added. "Woohoo, Droughtlander is almost over.," another user said. 

Is there more information regarding seasons 7 and 8? Unfortunately, season 7 has no release date or production start date for the last episodes.  

In a minute-long teaser clip, the show gave viewers a preview. Additionally, executive producer Maril Davis hinted about season 7's content. After a shortened season, audiences will be glad to see more episodes. 

According to Maril, "We just tried our best to keep everyone safe so we could continue to tell the kind of stories we wanted," in February 2022. 

"Our production was great... We simplified season 6 and included all the wonderful stuff. We'll give you a supersized season 7 with its own problems." Naturally, we're eager to return to Fraser's Ridge. 

Never expect Outlander Season 8 in 2024.