Netflix updates: Purge, Queer Eye, John Wick January 2024

New on Netflix in January: Dan Levy's film debut, "Good Grief," follows Marc, coping with the loss of his husband, exploring life without his partner. 

– Queer Eye returns for its eighth season, focusing on uplifting lives in New Orleans. This season marks Bobby Berk's last with the Fab Five.

Exciting additions to Netflix's non-original content include John Wick trilogy, Meet the Parents series, Jurassic Park trilogy, Mamma Mia! films, and The Purge movies. 

Award-winning actor and Schitt's Creek alum, Dan Levy, stars in "Good Grief," a film he wrote and directed, touching on themes of love and loss. 

– Netflix introduces Love Is Blind: Sweden, adding a global dimension to the popular dating show franchise.

The second part of the Korean series Gyeongseong Creature premieres, promising more suspense and drama. 

January brings a diverse mix of content, from emotional dramas like "Good Grief" to the uplifting return of Queer Eye", catering to various viewer preferences. 

With iconic franchises like John Wick, Meet the Parents, and Jurassic Park, Netflix offers an extensive array of binge-worthy options for movie enthusiasts. 

Buccaneers anticipate losing a star player worth $82.5 million to the Bears.