Netflix to “eat Yellowstone” with violent new Western series

Paramount's Yellowstone has been criticized for declining in quality, but Taylor Sheridan's neo-Western series remains one of the most popular new TV shows. 

In November 2022, over 12 million Americans watched its Season 5 debut, a record. 

The Yellowstone world will continue through its spinoffs, including 1923, 6666, and several others in development. 

American Primeval, a six-episode Netflix series about the wild origins of the American West, was revealed this week. At Next on Netflix, the show's 2024 premiere footage was revealed. 

American Primeval is being hailed as Netflix's Yellowstone. At its introduction, JoBlo said, “Lookout Paramount, Netflix is looking to eat Yellowstone’s prairie dog and beans with a Western series of its own design.”

ScreenRant said it would “make Yellowstone seem tame.” With footage of wagons crossing the huge landscape, Taylor Kitsch's character aiming his rifle, and Native American warriors riding to combat, others are excited about the show. 

Sharing the Netflix 2024 teaser on X, one wrote: “That 2.8 seconds of American Primeval has rocked my world.”

“I’m excited for American Primeval,” wrote another, while a third said they’re “waiting for American Primeval.”

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