Meat Loaf honored by Randy Travis following his death: 'Heaven rejoices and Earth weeps'

After Meat Loaf passed away at the age of 74, Randy Travis became the most recent famous pal to pay respects to the late rock star.

The singer of "I Would Do Anything For Love" passed away Friday night, surrounded by his loved ones,

according to a statement posted on his Facebook page. The cause of death is yet unknown.  

The announcement that the legendary Meat Loaf passed away tonight with his wife Deborah by his side breaks our hearts.

Throughout the past 24 hours, he has been accompanied by his daughters Pearl and Amanda as well as close friends,

according to the statement.The singer had a six-decade career and appeared in numerous films, including "Black Dog"

 with Travis and Patrick Swayze. Soon after learning of his death, Travis paid tribute to his late friend and co-star in a statement to Fox News Digital.

"The news of, Marvin ‘Meat Loaf’ Aday’s, passing brought me sadness; but, it also gave me a reminiscent smile as I thought about the exuberance with which he lived his life,"

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