Marvel Removed Tom Holland's Spider-Man Cameo from 1 Phase 4 Movie

Tom Holland's Spider-Man was reportedly set to appear in two MCU Multiverse films. 

Although No Way Home turned out to be Holland's one and only role in Phase 4, fans now know that wasn't the initial intention from Marvel Studios. 

While Tom Holland's Doctor Strange 2 cameo's specifics are unknown to fans, its removal makes sense if it had to do with America Chavez given viewers hadn't yet met her. 

Even so, it's difficult to argue that Spider-Man wouldn't have improved Multiverse of Madness and the interconnectedness of the larger MCU. 

In fact, given the significance of Strange and the Multiverse in both, some type of Spider-Man presence wasn't simply expected; it was natural. 

In the end, all that was presented to the public was Wong and Strange recognizing "an incident with Spider-Man" and posing a few unsettling queries regarding his abilities. 

The key question in considering what might have been is how Spidey's involvement in Multiverse of Madness would have altered how and why he confronts Strange in Nowhere. 

How Spidey's participation in Multiverse of Madness would have changed how and why he faces Strange in Nowhere is the main question to ask when speculating about what might have been. 

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