Lauren Alaina Reveals How She Met Her “Hot” Fiancé Cam Arnold: “Luke Bryan Brought Us Together”

Before her next music city performance on Thursday, June 8th, in Nashville, Tennessee, Alaina spoke with Kevin Frazier, 

Nischelle Turner, and Rachel Smith of ET Online. Alaina will be performing on the Chevy Riverfront Stage at the CMA Fest. 

The 28-year-old "Getting Good" singer reminisced about the moment she first laid eyes on Arnold during their brief chat.

"We got together in Mexico during Luke Bryan's annual [all-inclusive music vacation] Crash My Playa. 

Alaina remembered that night she met "the one," saying Luke Bryan brought them together. "He was backstage, and we were at the taco stand. 

I think I ate my tacos really quickly, and he was like, 'Nobody's gonna take those tacos away from you!'" He is acquainted with Luke's niece and her husband.Following a brief conversation over Alaina's dinner, 

the Georgian-born front-runner of Season 10 of American Idol claims the two switched phone numbers. She was also unaware that Arnold was already in a relationship with someone else, despite her initial interest in him.

Lauren Alaina says, "I gave him my number, but he came home and told his best friend, 'I met the woman I'm gonna marry.'" He was correct, but I didn't feel that way when I left Mexico. I'm going to wed him.

"He has a great sense of humor. and warm!” Regarding the Auburn University alum, she said, reaffirming that she is now just as enamored with him as he is with her.

The two lovers formally announced their relationship, but they kept it a secret until November 2022, when Alaina revealed her engagement during a special Grand Ole Opry show. 

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