Lainey Wilson Discusses ‘Yellowstone’ Future While Awaiting “Green Light”

Lainey Wilson is eager to return to the Yellowstone set and is awaiting Taylor Sheridan's approval. 

Wilson, who portrays singer-songwriter Abby, supposedly had a conversation with Sheridan and is aware of how season five concludes.

"I spoke with Taylor Sheridan the other day, and we have a plan," she stated in a previous month's Audacy interview. 

"We just need to wait and see if that plan works out," she continued. Since she has managed to escape the controversy surrounding the Dutton family thus far, Abby has the entire Yellowstone region to herself at the moment. 

She has also begun a tentative romantic relationship with Walker, played by Ryan Bingham.

Wilson lamented, "They didn't take me to the train station, so, we'll see what happens on that end," alluding to the Dutton family's tactic of forcing their adversaries to sleep with fish.

Wilson did, however, add that she will be filming the last episodes "smack dab in the middle of touring" during that time.

She did, however, appear excited to go back to Yellowstone and complete her character's story. "We'll work it out," she remarked.

Never expect Outlander Season 8 in 2024.