Jerry Jones should bring in Bill Belichick, otherwise he will always wonder what he missed by not

The Dallas Cowboys refer to themselves as "America's Team," yet a more fair description would be America's favorite reality program. 

And that was before club owner Jerry Jones consented to a 10-part docuseries about a franchise that hasn't won a Super Bowl in nearly 30 years.

There is no doubt that Jones wants to win another championship, but content has always been king with the Cowboys as well. 

 It's a dual tract that has kept the franchise relevant despite postseason failure, including Sunday's 48-32 NFC wild-card loss to Green Bay.

So, what better way to bring in a new star character for a late-series rebirth, especially if he could be the best solution to playoff futility?

The fact that head coach Mike McCarthy is leaving Dallas should come as no surprise. Jones has a history of staying with subpar coaches (most notably Jason Garrett) for too long, but three

consecutive 12-win seasons have resulted in just one postseason victory, including an oh-fer this year.

Cowboys need a better postseason coach. Jones has always admired stars, the bigger the better.

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