January 16 Love Horoscopes Are Lucky for 3 Zodiacs

One might not immediately believe that a transit called Moon Square Mars could enhance our love life, but on January 16, 2024,

 three zodiac signs will be shown that true love and understanding can only be found via diversity and disagreement. 

Sometimes we just have to go through it to get there, as they say.While this dynamic may be hard for some, during the transit of the Moon square Mars

 it is not impossible for all, and on this day, January 16, 2024, we shall watch how these three zodiac signs deal with the resulting personality crisis.

We might even start fights just to'see what happens.' The truth is, when we do such things, we trust the situation; we aren't taking risks on this day; we are simply...playing.

If you believe you need to heat things up in your personal life in order to obtain a response from the person you are with, you may find yourself practically initiating a fight with your spouse on January 16, 2024, because...why not?


Frustration is part of what defines you, Virgo, and everyone else in your universe understands this as well. When the Moon squares Mars on January 16, 2024, you will experience a conflict between your needs and your deeds. As soon as you sense conflict, you will want to retreat into your defensive environment. 


You are not a fighter by nature, but you will undoubtedly employ warlike techniques to obtain what you desire, which on this day, January 16, 2024, is a battle with your spouse with the express purpose of later reconciling. Twisted? Yes. 


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