Is Master Raymond a time traveler in the Outlander series?

We discover that Master Raymond is a time traveler in the Outlander novels. Although it's not mentioned in the main books directly, you will encounter this in Diana Gabaldon's extra writing.

But what about in the series? Has there been any indication from the program that, with regards to this character,

, they're sticking to the book plot? There are indications that Master Raymond is not a product of the eighteenth century.

He makes no mention of time travel that we can hear. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any nuanced moments that reveal he is from a different era.

In Outlander, Master Raymond is the blue healing glow. The blue light he gives Claire after she recovers from childbed fever is the clearest indication that he is a time traveler.

He is capable of physically extracting the infection from her. Master Raymond makes it apparent that he requires Claire to remain as silent as possible during it,

 since everything is done in the dark and without anybody else's presence.

Here, he is invisible. He is not only not well received at the hospital, but he also appears to be practicing magic of some kind.

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