In 2025, US Netflix households will let customers binge-watch their favorite shows.

Netflix plans "Netflix House" venues for immersive fan experiences, combining retail, dining, and live interactions. 

Initial locations to launch in the U.S. by 2025, followed by global expansion, marking the company's first permanent venture. 

Josh Simon, VP of Consumer Products, shares Netflix's intention to create unique themed spaces for fans. 

Netflix has already executed 40 pop-up fan experiences globally, including The Queen's Ball and a Los Angeles restaurant featuring dishes from Netflix cooking shows. 

The company explores permanent locations after successful pop-ups in major cities like Tokyo, New York, and Mexico City. 

"Netflix House" aims to offer fans an immersive journey into their favourite shows with themed clothing, food, and even obstacle courses inspired by series like "Squid Game." 

The move signifies Netflix's heightened investment in marketing its programs and fostering fan communities. 

The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles previously hosted a temporary Netflix store, reflecting the company's innovative approach to fan engagement. 

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