I enjoy sobriety, says Tom Holland.

As he continues his sobriety journey, Tom Holland has provided an update.On the podcast On Purpose with Jay Shetty,   

the Spiderman actor, 26, discussed his decision to quit drinking and revealed that he was "very anxious" about having a drinking problem.   

Since that time, Tom has maintained a sober lifestyle and shared a picture of himself drinking ,  

a non-alcoholic beverage on his Instagram Story.The actor posted a photo of the bottle's neck on social media,   

showing that his drink had 0.0% alcohol as he and a companion sipped it.It comes after Tom,   

who initially gave up drinking alcohol in January 2022 as part of Dry January,   

completed one year of sobriety in May.In honor of the achievement, he said that he now understands ,  

his personal drinking "triggers," which have enabled him to maintain the significant adjustments.  

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