Horoscope Today: January 16, 2024

"I'm one. I am one with the rhythm and flow of the Universe. I trust that every event is excellent, and that life is preparing the ideal environment for me to recover and grow." Repeat this prayer aloud five times if possible before getting out of bed, and then accept every event as a blessing from the unknown forces above and below.


Taurus, you deserve both the moon and the stars. You deserve all you've wished and prayed for, gorgeous. So, focus your attention inward and transmute the self-limiting ideas that have kept you from claiming what has always been yours. 


The law of attraction is constantly in effect, and it is always working in your favor. Right now, the law of attraction is bringing possibilities for growth and acceleration into your life. So, baby, are you ready? Are you prepared to spread your wings and share your heavenly gifts in a major way? Overheard at the cosmic conference:


Take a moment, Cancer. Take a time to reflect on the cause of your concerns, fears, and anxieties. Take a time to reflect on what is pulling you down. Perhaps you're so wrapped up in your own expectations that you can't embrace life on its own terms. Just for today, modify your perspective


What does self-love really mean to you, wildflower? How do you show up for yourself every day, month after month? Begin by becoming aware of the internal conflict. The tension between who you truly are and who you believe you should be in order to belong. 


The waxing moon bestows the gift of cautious optimism while also reigniting your inner fire. So, what do you hope to produce in the next months, and how do you feel compelled to sow the seeds of change in the collective consciousness?


Dear Libra, what does "pleasure" mean to you? What makes you happy and awakens your sense of bliss? This is your cosmic cue to embark on a solo trip and engage in activities that awaken the melody of *your* soul, whether you are single, married, or playing the mix-and-match game.


The truth is that self-improvement never looks like rainbows and sunshine. Peeling away the layers that no longer serve our highest and greatest good necessitates a journey to the underworld, to the depths of our psyche and soul, where we are confronted with our shadows, the most uncomfortable aspects of ourselves.


Sagittarius, this is the year to strengthen your bond with yourself, the Divine Spirit, and Source. So pay attention to how you're being asked to grow and move. Pay heed to the stirrings in your soul and where your inner compass is pointing you.


Hello and welcome to the harvest season, Capricorn! Right now, you are enjoying the sweet rewards of your labor as you welcome money, richness, and happiness into your life! Get used to things working in your favor, gorgeous! Get used to having your needs and wishes honored.


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