HARDY Open About Mental Health, Burnout, Tour Reduction

In an honest and illuminating new interview, HARDY discusses his struggles with mental health and announces his intention to reduce his tour schedule due to fatigue.

With his ability to infuse rock aspects into the genre, the 33-year-old has captured the hearts of fans of country music. 

He will be making waves in 2023 with his genre-bending album The Mockingbird & THE CROW.

The "TRUCK BED" singer's mental health started to suffer after playing a few performances for his fans and going on tour with his close friend and partner Morgan Wallen. 

Life on the road and a horrific tour bus accident added to the strain. 

As a result, HARDY reduced his workload, enrolled in "a three-day intensive trauma therapy," and did other things.

Eventually, he talked about the incident in an iHeartPodcasts and MeatEater episode of God's Country.

The country-rock singer shared with fans details of his past battles with mental health issues and his plans for future tours while speaking with the Isbell Brothers, popularly known as "The Brothers Hunt."

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