George Jones' widow admits country music star had to face death to kick crippling cocaine, alcohol addiction

After years of battling a severe addiction, George Jones had to almost lose his life before he was able to finally kick the habit. 

The country music star was in 1999 in Nashville, talking on the phone with his stepdaughter while driving. 

He crashed his car into a concrete bridge, losing control of it. His car appeared to have the front end of "a scrunched accordion."

Without fastening his seatbelt, Jones lunged forward beneath the dashboard and the driving wheel.

It required over two hours for the rescue team to remove his beaten body, which resembled "a grotesque caricature of himself."

Nancy Jones, the fourth wife of Jones, told Fox News Digital, "They had to get him out with the jaws of life."

"While traveling to the hospital via helicopter, he passed away twice. Oh my, 

it was terrible. The doctor told me, "He's not going to make it," as I recall him sitting down with me. She went on, "But it was still not his time."

Mary continued, elaborating on her main point of speaking for her husband. 

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