Full Trailer For Eddie Murphy's Amazon Christmas Movie CANDY CANE LANE

The full trailer for Candy Cane Lane, an upcoming Christmas film starring Eddie Murphy as the holiday-obsessed family man Chris, 

Tracee Ellis Ross as his wife Carol, Genneya Walton as their daughter Joy, Nick, their son Thaddeus J. Mixson,

and Holly, their youngest, Madison Thomas, has been made available on Amazon. The antagonist of the movie,

 Pepper, is a malevolent elf portrayed by Jillian Bell. The remaining actors and actresses in the cast are Anjelah Johnson-Reyes,

Candy Cane Lane tracks Chris (Murphy), who unintentionally strikes a bargain with a cunning elf named Pepper (Bell) in order to increase his chances of winning.

Pepper then uses her power to cast a spell that awakens the 12 Days of Christmas and causes chaos for the entire town. Chris,

his wife Carol (Ross), and his three kids have to work quickly to break Pepper's spell, take on cunning magical characters,

and preserve Christmas for everyone—all at the risk of spoiling the holidays for their family.

Never expect Outlander Season 8 in 2024.