Fan Discovers Rockstar Teased GTA 6 Trailer 1 Release Date on GTA Online T-Shirt

Rockstar teased GTA 6 Trailer 1 release date on a GTA Online T-shirt from June 2023, named "???" in the "GTA V Anniversary" category. 

– The shirt, briefly available before being pulled, had a hidden message: "ONEDAY WILL REVEAL ALL."

– Fans decoded the message, revealing the trailer release date as December 5, 2023, indicated by the numbers "12523."

– Notably, the numbers "09" on the shirt suggested the trailer's release time at 9 am PT.

– Despite being a clear hint, few initially noticed the significance of the T-shirt.

– Speculation arises that the T-shirt may also hint at GTA 6's release date: "040125," possibly suggesting April 1, 2025.

– The T-shirt was officially released in October as part of an event, confirming its deliberate inclusion.

– Fans now engage in further speculation about the T-shirt's potential clues regarding both the trailer and the game's release dates.

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