Ezekiel Elliott focuses on the Patriots knowing the Cowboys homecoming may be emotional.

Ezekiel Elliott acknowledges the peculiarity of returning to Dallas as a New England running back after seven seasons with the Cowboys. 

– Despite the emotional context, Elliott is confident in his ability to maintain focus on the game.

– The running back, a two-time rushing champion, is familiar with controlling his emotions, a crucial trait for the upcoming matchup.

– Elliott anticipates a potentially overwhelming reaction from the 90,000 fans who used to cheer for him with the iconic "Zeeeeeeeeke" chant.

– The "feed me" gesture, a trademark move after successful runs, might be replaced with a more subdued approach given the circumstances.

– Sunday's game will mark a unique experience for Elliott, stepping into a situation he hasn't encountered before in his career.

– While emotions are inevitable, Elliott emphasises the importance of contributing to his new team's success in the football game.

– Despite the potential sentimental journey, Elliott is determined to prioritise his role in helping New England secure victory over dwelling on the nostalgia of returning to his former home in Dallas.

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