Every Song Featured on ‘Yellowstone’ Through All 5 Seasons: Lainey Wilson, Chris Stapleton, Motorhead & More

Has Yellowstone been shown on CBS? Due to the 2023 writer and actor strikes, Yellowstone Season 2 has officially started airing on the network, reviving fan interest in the show.

Peacock is also offering season 1 through season 5 (up to episode 8) for streaming.

Season 5B of the Kevin Costner-led show is supposedly going to be the last one, with an original air date of November 2023. However, 

, this is also uncertain because of the strikes and rumors of conflict between Costner and writer/series creator Taylor Sheridan. 

 We're reflecting on the show's great run while we wait for Yellowstone Season 5 news.

 Strong musical accompaniment and a lengthy roster of country music icons can be heard on the soundtrack, which accentuates the film's dramatic scenes. 

 The most common name on the Yellowstone soundtrack, with 14 featured songs over the five seasons, is Ryan Bingham. However, 

you may also find five songs by Costner and a song by Joe Brings Plenty, the brother of Mo Brings Plenty, featured in the series. 

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