Dolly Parton makes a surprise phone call to grant a cancer patient's last wish.

Dolly Parton's affection for her fans never fades. With just one phone call, the 77-year-old country music great assisted LeGrand Gold (LG) in realizing a dream.

Gold was given a stage 4 colorectal cancer diagnosis in November 2021, and during a recent visit with a doctor,

she learned more unfavorable news."I'm just happy to know I've got a fan that devoted,

and that I've had a chance to walk that journey all these years with you," Parton stated. "Hey LG, it's Dolly P.

"I wanted to thank you for being a fan of mine for so many years," the singer-songwriter of "Jolene" continued. "It's my honor," Gold said.

Speaking out against cancel culture, Dolly Parton says, "If God can forgive you, then so can I.

Over a year ago, LG and his spouse, Alice, drew up "LG's List of Living" on a napkin, listing ten things they wanted to do before they died.

 KSL-TV reports that "Meet Dolly Parton" came in at number seven on the list.

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