Default Rockstar controls should be removed from GTA 6.

GTA 5's default control scheme on PlayStation 5 is criticised for being outdated and challenging, both from a modern and accessibility standpoint. 

The need to repeatedly tap the X (or A) button for running seems outdated compared to the more intuitive push-down on the left thumbstick for other games. 

Placing 'change camera and perspective' on the touchpad is questioned, as the touchpad is conventionally associated with maps, causing confusion. 

Driving and shooting mechanics create complexity with R2 for acceleration, L2 for brakes, L1 for aiming, R1 for shooting, and dual stick manipulation, making it unwieldy. 

The control layout proves challenging for accessibility, especially for players with deficiencies or smaller hands, as it demands simultaneous use of all four rear buttons. 

The default control scheme implies developer approval, affecting many players' preferences, despite the availability of alternative schemes. 

The control issues impact the overall enjoyment of the game, leading to a need for users to explore and switch to non-default control layouts. 

Advocacy for Rockstar to reconsider its default control scheme for GTA 6 to align with widely accepted norms, enhance accessibility, and improve the overall gaming experience. 

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