Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders bring the show to adoring nursing home fan

Known as "America's team," the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL elicit strong feelings of both adoration and hatred nationwide.

The energetic cheerleaders on the sidelines are perhaps the most identifiable image at a Cowboys game, 

aside from the blue star emblazoned on their helmet. Thanks to Activities Director Angela Wilson's perseverance and understanding, 

 a group of cheerleaders were able to perform for their supporters at Azalea Trail Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center prior to the start of the season. Wilson remarked, 

It took some internet research to find names and various contacts before I was able to make contact and get the cheerleaders to perform an appearance

"I had to wait a few more years to get them to come out the first time because we had to shut down with COVID-19.

."Discussions during one of the monthly resident council meetings for the community gave rise to the notion. Even if it took a few years to completely materialize, 

the wait was worthwhile. Wilson was happy to see that the event turned into something significant for the cheerleaders and residents, despite her initial expectation that it would be just another standard meet-and-greet. 

Buccaneers anticipate losing a star player worth $82.5 million to the Bears.