Dak Prescott sums up Cowboys' painful playoff loss in 3 words.

After the Dallas Cowboys' 48-32 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night, which saw the team eliminated from the playoffs, quarterback Dak Prescott delivered a harsh evaluation of his own play.

Prescott is aware that he fell short even though he passed for over 400 yards and made a heroic attempt to try to keep the team in the game.

"I'm not a guy that lives in the past and so where my feet are and at this moment, yeah, I mean, I sucked tonight," he told reporters through ESPN. "

That was the last thing. Got things going a little later, but at that time, it made no difference. fought. I mean, it's all about winning, but that's really all I know how to do.

It all comes down to winning the postseason and making it to the final game, where victory is assured. And that is indeed difficult."

For the Packers to win, the first half was crucial. Before scoring to close out the half, Dallas' first four possessions ended in punts, interceptions, punts, and pick sixes. But the harm had already done. The Cowboys had a 27-7 deficit.

In the fourth quarter, Prescott had two more touchdown throws, but they came too little, too late.

With 403 yards on 41 of 60 passes, he concluded. Jake Ferguson was the recipient of all three of his touchdown passes.

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