Cowboys Warned on Hiring Bill Belichick: ‘It Would Be the Worst’

Even as the Dallas Cowboys were thrashed by the Packers in their playoff game on Sunday afternoon, calls grew for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to fire coach Mike McCarthy,

with what many saw as a natural fit lurking in the background—former Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who had left New England just three days earlier.

If the Cowboys require a firmer hand to seize the reins as head coach, the jovial Belichick could be a perfect candidate.

At least on the surface. However, a partnership of Belichick and Jones would be disastrous for Hall of Fame tight end and famous sports talker Shannon Sharpe.  

Belichick is as well-known for his dislike and reluctance to interact with the media as Jones is for his camera-seeking bravado. There's an oil-and-water dynamic there. 

When asked if it would be a natural fit, Sharpe told ESPN Monday morning, "Hell no." Do you not grasp that Bill Belichick seeks authority? Can you see Jerry Jones trying to conduct a press

conference to explain what is going on with the team? And you think Coach Belichick is going to sit by and let Jerry do it? Absolutely not; it would be the worst—a match made in hell. 

Bill Belichick and Jerry Jones Have 'Solid Relationship' Sharpe's reasoning is certainly sound. On the other hand, there is speculation that Belichick is already familiar 

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