Country Legend Randy Travis From ‘Hard Rock Bottom’ to Faith and Healing

"A Heroes and Friends Tribute to Randy Travis," an upcoming performance, will celebrate the legendary country music singer who courageously battled a health problem that changed his life.

Travis is well-known in the country music industry for successes like "Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart" and "Forever and Ever, Amen," which have reached the top of the charts.  

The singer is really excited about the tribute event, which is scheduled for October in Huntsville, Alabama's Propst Arena at Von Braun Center. 

. After suffering a huge stroke in 2013, Randy Travis was diagnosed with aphasia, 

a disorder that significantly impaired his speech. Even though he has trouble speaking,

it means the world to him that other country music celebrities are getting together to honor his remarkable career.

Randy and his loving wife, Mary, expressed their opinions about the tribute event in a Fox News Digital interview.

Mary conveyed how much it meant to Randy to know that his music had a lasting influence on people. 

It makes him and his partner very happy to see other gifted musicians cover his songs, even though he is no longer able to perform his own.

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