Chicken-Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad

A nutritious and delectable salad that's ideal for the holidays is this raw shaved Brussels sprout salad with sweet pomegranate seeds, tangy dried cranberries, and apple slices.

The proverb that goes, "You eat with your eyes first"?

Enjoy this stunning tossed salad that features vibrant crimson pomegranate arils and vivid chartreuse from the raw brussels sprouts. How lovely is that?

As if that weren't enough, the flavor of the brussels sprout salad is to die for.

If you don't already love brussels sprouts, this salad will win you over with its vibrant, bold tastes and crunchy textural contrasts that give the proper amount of sweetness and salt.

This salad of chicken, shredded Brussels sprouts, and apples is perfect for fall and winter.

It will add a festive and healthful touch to any table when you use in-season fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and peas.

I really adore how simple it is to prepare this dish for brussel sprout salad. Just chop your chicken, finely slice your apples and brussels sprouts, and make a simple vinaigrette using apple cider. 

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