Carly Pearce Is ‘Thankful’ She Can Stop Writing About Divorce

Officially, Carly Pearce's album 29: Written in Stone is complete. She released a live version of the project earlier this year, which was recorded at Nashville's Marathon Music Works. 

The featured single, "What He Didn't Do," became her most recent No. 1 hit.

The female singer is getting ready for the next stage of her profession as she finishes this chapter of her life. 

Of course, sonically, I gained a lot of knowledge about the direction I want to take my music in terms of pushing into its rootsier side.

More significantly, though, I've discovered that people simply want to know about my struggles, viewpoint, and worldview during that particular time in my life," she added in a statement to her label. 

29: Composed in Stone is an album of genuine songs that Pearce wrote after her real sadness after divorcing fellow country musician Michael Ray.

2020 saw the pair petition for divorce, less than a year after getting married. 

"I'm relieved that writing about a divorce is no longer necessary. 

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