Alica Schmidt Reveals Her Intensive Training Before Paris Olympics 2024 

– German athlete Alica Schmidt, 25, remains dedicated to track and field despite payment issues with the German Athletic Federation.

– Alica criticises the board's negligence but stays focused on her performance and track commitments.

– Despite multiple pressures, Alica Schmidt's hunger for success in track and field remains undiminished.

– A recent Instagram post showcases Alica's intense fitness regime, emphasising her dedication to excellence.

– On January 16, Alica shares a treadmill workout with a breathing snorkel, highlighting her commitment to training.

– The caption reads, "Nothing like breathing into a snorkel until your body gives up my kinda Tuesday."

– Alica maintains a strict fitness schedule, as evident from her Christmas celebration, opting for exercise with her brother over a cheat day.

– The athlete's commitment to training paid off in 2023, with notable achievements in European Athletics U20 competitions.

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