"Age is merely a linguistic construct to describe the state of being alive," expressed Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway discusses aging, beauty, and back-handed compliments.   

Anne told Today that people keep telling her she is aging gracefully when she doesn't think about it.   

After joining Shiseido, the actress believes "aging is just another word for living."   

Anne said the late 1990s were "a very different era" when she entered Hollywood as a young adult.   

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After becoming Shiseido's brand ambassador, Anne was thrilled to find that the campaign's motto would be "potential has no age."   

The ad shows Anne spinning around a dark room with her hair freely done in waves and opening the curtains to allow in light.   

"Finding your light is not always easy," she says in the ad video. "It can be hard to remember that even shadows can lead us to light," she added.   

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