After Modeling for $2,000,000,000 Worth Over Brand, Olivia Dunne Unveils a Fashion Fail

Olivia Dunne started her first game when the football season began in Baton Rouge. Every now and again, the gymnast turned social media celebrity treats her followers to scrumptious posts.   

With a penchant for both gymnastics and celebrity, the 21-year-old became the highest-paid NCAA athlete.  

The LSU Tigers senior launched her famous career after earning $500,000 from a single post. She joins the Game Day gang after making her debut with Sports Illustrated and Forbes.  

Livvy frequently participates in trendy TikTok trends with her gym pals. Furthermore, whether she is cheering for her lover or the football team, she turns heads everywhere she goes.   

Similarly, the starlet was suited out for the recent GameDay season, but she was not pleased.  

The flexibility queen, dressed in a sparkling white jumpsuit, uploaded a special TikTok post starring one of the gang's members. The post is titled "Beauty is Pain."   

The girls embarked on a mission to cover the renowned Parade Ground as part of the tailgating routine. The females lip-synced to a popular two-liner in which the woman declared, "We're gonna be late."   

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