'After Midnight' on CBS, hosted by Taylor Tomlinson, returns to late night programming: What you should know is as follows:

Taylor Tomlinson is going to start dating later in life. The 30-year-old comedian is the host of After Midnight, a brand-new program.

It debuted on Wednesday at 12:37 a.m. on CBS, following Stephen Colbert's The Late Show.

The Late Late Show, hosted by James Corden, occupied the space before it ended its eight-year run in April 2023. Since then, Byron Allen's Comics Unleashed episodes have aired on CBS to occupy the time slot.

Tomlinson, a popular stand-up comedian with millions of fans on social media, is taking over as the only female host of a late-night network TV show. She has released several Netflix specials.

The Late Late Show, which had four hosts over the course of 28 years before Corden ended its most recent run, will give way to Midnight.

The Emmy Award-winning Comedy Central series @midnight served as inspiration for CBS, which claims that the program will be "the smartest show on television about the dumbest things on the internet.

In a game-show style, a panel of comedians, actors, and other celebrities will discuss the latest online buzz.

Of course, there will be some improv, lighthearted banter, and that talk show element. But most of the time, these are jokes—like, the best jokes about the silliest things on the internet that day," Tomlinson said in an interview with CBS New York.

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