Additional Guest Artists Announced for Texas Tribute to Randy Travis

Longtime Randy Travis friend and composer Paul Overstreet, Ray Benson, Casey Donahew, 

Pecos Hurley of Pecos & The Rooftop, Mike Ryan, Jon Wolfe, Rosie Flores, Waylon Payne, Jolie Holliday,

Sonny Burgess round out the list for "A Texas Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis.

The tribute performance will take place at the Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas, on Wednesday

November 15, 2023, at 7 p.m. Tickets are presently available at the Texas Trust CU Theatre box office and on

These exceptionally talented musicians join the already announced all-star lineup, which includes War Hippies,

Braxton Keith, Jacob Tolliver, and Clay Walker, as well as Cody Jinks, Joe Nichols, and Neal McCoy.Randy Travi

has had a soft spot in his heart for Texas since his childhood. He grew up in rural North Carolina and was taught about the Cowboy way of life by his father.

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