8 Luxurious and Elegant Nail Designs

We adore this understated yet classy manicure that is given a glamorous touch by the gold tips. Here, the tips are completely outlined in a shimmering gold, giving the fingers the appearance of jewelry.

Two-Lined Gold Tip

You may maintain an office-appropriate nail style while enjoying one of the finest nail trends of the season. An example would be these lovely light pink marble nails. Hopefully, wearing these will offer you the power of rose quartz.

Pale Pink Marble

Although we adore a neutral nail, a matte topcoat makes the effect look incredibly sophisticated. If you think that this look is too basic, consider adding some fun with a single piece of patterned nail art.

Matte Neutral

A French manicure is as sophisticated as they come, but when one pearl is added to each nail, the ensemble starts to resemble something for a special occasion. To get the appearance, try using flat-back nail charms like these ($7).

Pearl Accent

This sophisticated yet understated manicure is reminiscent of Chanel. Here, a transparent base is applied to each nail, and black and white dots—one on each nail—are placed on top in alternating colors.

Alternating Black and White Dot

Pale Base With Gold Heart

The little gold hearts placed on each of these plain, uncomplicated nails add a (tiny) pop of drama. To get the same effect, try painting a heart with a toothpick or using a nail sticker.

Peachy Nude

Choosing a stunning, subtle tone can be all it takes to get an upgraded nail style. All you have to do is glance at these gorgeous nails to see what we mean.

Stacked Jewel

When it comes to designing sophisticated manicure styles, gemstones are a great addition. A bride (or anyone who enjoys a little bling) would love this one.

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