6 Easy & Healthy Chia Pudding Recipes

How to create healthy chia pudding in six delicious varieties! We provide banana bread, chocolate, chai spiced, strawberry shortcake, vanilla coconut, and lemon raspberry. 

Each of these chia seed pudding recipes is ideal for breakfast, but they can also be eaten as a nutritious, high-protein snack.

Granted, I adore my plain green smoothie bowls, but chia pudding is one of those things that is both quick to make and can be dressed up in a million different ways.

Meal planning friendly. Chia pudding may be made the night before and kept in the fridge, making it an ideal grab-and-go breakfast. Plus, most recipes can be doubled to make multiple batches!

Keeps you satiated throughout the day.  Chia pudding is strong in protein, omega-3s, and fiber, making it an ideal way to start the day.

Easy to make. The best part about chia pudding is that it simply takes a few minutes to prepare, 10-15 minutes to rest, and you'll have a fantastic breakfast waiting for you!

Customizable. Chia pudding is completely customizable, which means you can make any taste you want! You can make a different taste each time by following the main formula provided below!

And the greatest part? It's quite healthful. Chia pudding is heavy in protein, omega-3s

 and fiber, which helps you stay full and content all day. It's also meal prep friendly, making it ideal for busy moms and professionals.

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