10 Stunning Designs for Pink Nails

It feels like a party on your nails with this adorable pink and glitter manicure. We adore how the confetti glitter is mixed with sequins and stars.

Festive and Fun

The subtle French tip design in various hues of pink is the most outrageous feature of this manicure, rather than the rad white flowers with rhinestone centers.

Groovy Pink Flower

This manicure is very lovely, almost pink. We adore how the light pink polish is accentuated by the fluffy white clouds.

Pink Cloud

Blush Aura

We adore this pink interpretation of the trend—aurora nails are very trendy right now. Add some delicate white dots and stars to these galaxy-inspired nails to make them even more gorgeous.

Pink Camo

These pink camouflage nails are everything. Start with a light base then add splotches of darker pink over it to get the desired effect.

With a delicate reference to harmony, this design features a little pink yin and yang symbol on top of a ballet pink glossy base coat.

Pink Yin and Yang

Pink and White with Squiggly French Tip

Better than a classic French manicure in pink and white? It's a flash of hot pink.

Pink and Mauve Geometric Shape

A geometric pattern of mauve, white, and pink will definitely draw attention in a stylish and modern style.

Slanted Metallic and Pink French

Recently, the French manicure has seen a lot of contemporary revisions, such as this pink-slanted one.

Pink Hearts and Swirl

This charming pattern contrasts a nude background with intricate pink swirls and hearts on top in a strong yet uncomplicated design.

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